Samsung leads Flexible OLED, Samsung Display’s investment in A3

As major equipment companies publicly announced their contracts to supply manufacturing equipment for OLED to Samsung Display (SDC), it is expected that SDC will begin its investment in A3 line in full swing.

SDC began its investment with a plan to complete stocking the equipment of A3 line by December. Except encapsulation equipment, PO of the remainder is completed. And order for the encapsulation equipment will be done by August.

A3 Gen6 Phase 1 Line of SDC for this investment is a flexible exclusive line to mainly produce tablet products and a method to divide a 1850x1500mm substrate in to two (1500x925mm) will be used. The investment is expected to consider mass production of 65” OLED TV panel from phase 2.

Currently, the amount that the equipment companies publically announced is about 220 billion won but actual mass production may be possible from 1Q of 2015 if supply of equipment is completed by the end of this year.140718_삼성장비업체공시eng


<Equipment Companies’ Supply Contract List announced in June and July>

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