Merck, Started research on ELQ-LED, a new high-efficiency OLED using quantum materials

Merck said it has begun research on electroluminescent quantum materials-based light-emitting diodes (ELQ-LED) that combine quantum materials in OLED. The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for a total amount of € 5.5 million, is to develop quantum materials for the display and lighting industries, with a total budget of € 9.1 million.

According to Merck, ELQ-LED, which uses quantum materials in OLED, can achieve high color purity and high energy efficiency at low production costs. However, the use of cadmium, a toxic substance in the quantum materials, has been ruled out. “ELQ-LED shows a systematic improvement in OLED and offers great potential for synergy between OLEDs and quantum materials,” said Michael Grund, Merck’s director of OLED and quantum materials.

Merck, OSRAM OLED, Fraunhofer Applied Polymer Research Institute and University of Augsburg are expected to participate in the project, and Merck will test and develop components, processes, matrix materials, transport materials and inks.

Merck announced that all components would be developed as print materials to save production costs, and printed parts would be tested on displays and automotive tail lamps.

The research project is scheduled to run for three years until the summer of 2020.

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