OLED displays mounted in Audi’s Prologue Concept Car

Audi’s Prologue Concept car comes with flexible and rigid OLED displays.


According to OLED-Info, Prologue concept car with two-door design features one flexible OLED and three rigid OLED displays. The flexible display made by Samsung Display is 8.9 x 5.6 inch in size and has a resolution of 28ppi (2560×1600).


Audi is well known for its excellent exterior designs including lamps in the auto industry, and is also the most active auto manufacturer in using OLED lighting panels to produce lamps. 141202_Audi의 Prologue concept car에 장착된 OLED

[Audi Prologue equipped with OLED displays]

141202_Audi의 Prologue concept car에 장착된 OLED_2

[Audi Q7 featuring OLED lighting]

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