Medical Lighting, will it make a breakthrough for the OLED lighting market?

The sizable growth for OLED lighting is expected in the medical lighting market.

At Lighting Japan 2015, Synqroa Corp. introduced Lucuria, the OLED lamp used for dental practice equipment, under the presentation title “Dental-free shadow lamps development and marketing by OLED lighting source”.

The presenter Mitsuhiro Koyama, Vice President Synqroa Corp., said that “OLED lighting is more appropriate than LED or halogen lamp for the medical purposes thanks to its properties including shadow-less, good color rendering and color temperature, and no blue risk. He also speculated “The competent lighting in the medical lighting industry is more about providing the optimal environment for doctors and patients than the price competitiveness.”

Synqroa estimated that the potential for the OLED lighting panel is about six million units with expected annual demand of about 350 thousand units for maintenance assuming that each hospital will use three units (five OLED panels per unit) in about 400 thousand dentists in the world as of 2013. In addition, they also analyzed the OLED lighting panel will take about 12 million units (25% of entire demand) among the demands for the lighting panels applied in operating rooms, patient’s rooms, NICU, etc.

Likewise, the expansion of OLED lighting market is expected to gain momentum if the OLED lighting panel is employed more actively in the medical lighting market equipped with merits of improving health care environments and protecting doctors’ and patients’ eyes.


<Comparison of properties for each lighting, Source: Synqroa>

Description: Compared to the LED lighting, the OLED lighting barely emits the ultraviolet rays or blue lights which are harmful to the eyes but enables visibility closest to the natural sunlight free of shadow.


<Synqroa’s OLED lamp for Dental Equipment, Source: Synqroa>


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