Feast of Plastic OLED

LG Electronics unveiled its secret weapon, G Flex2 at CES2015. Produced with the plastic OLED from LG Display, the smart phone G Flex2 features relatively enhanced resolution from the HD level resolution to FHD (403ppi) though the display has reduced from 5.99-inch to 5.5-inch when compared to the existing G Flex released in 2013.

150123_Plastic OLED의 향연1 150123_Plastic OLED의 향연2 150123_Plastic OLED의 향연3

G Flex2 is the up to date curved smart phone equipped with the latest 64bit Octa-Core CPU and Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm. The frontal curvature of 700R is also the same as in the G Flex, but the backside is 650R, increasing the sense of grip. For its 700R display, it provides much better sound quality by reducing the gap between the user’s face and the phone. With the self-healing back cover as in the G Flex, it just removes various scratches occurred in daily life. 

LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics sold the curved smart phones in 2013 at the same time. LG Electronics’ G Flex was the same panoramic design as now but Samsung Electronics competed by releasing a smartphone curved from left to right to emphasize a firm grip.

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