Applied Materials Q2 Display Equipment Sales Increased by 6 Times, Bolstered by OLED

출처 = Applied Materials

출처 = Applied Materials

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Applied Materials is expected to show Q2 display manufacturing equipment sales increased by almost 6 times bolstered by OLED market growth.

Digitimes recently quoted Applied Materials’ greater China account general manager Kuo Yi-tze and reported that the company’s Q2 2016 order value for the display manufacturing equipment is estimated at USD 700 million. This is a 5.8 times increase compared to USD 120 million in Q2 2015.

Particularly, the demand by Korean panel companies, including Samsung Display and LG Display, is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, Chinese panel companies are also actively taking action to catch up to Korean panel companies’ technology and production ability.

Applied Materials estimates that the global shipment of mobile device OLED panel for smartphone, smartwatch, etc. will increase from 2016’s 353 million to 2020’s 799 million units. Furthermore, automotive OLED panel shipment is expected to increase from 2016’s 134 million to 2020’s 176 million units.

Applied Materials has seen orders for OLED equipment increasing, especially from South Korea-based panel makers, and its second-quarter 2016 order value for the display equipment segment is estimated at US$700 million, 5.8 times the US$120 million recorded for second-quarter 2015, according to Applied Materials’ greater China account general manager Kuo Yi-tze for AKT Display Business Unit.

South Korea-based panel makers take significantly lead in OLED technology and production and China-based fellow makers are making efforts to catch up, Kuo said.

Demand for OLED panels mainly comes from growing application to smartphones and smart watches, with global shipments of OLED panels used in mobile devices to increase from 353 million units in 2016 to 799 million units in 2020, Kuo indicated.

In addition, global shipments of OLED panels used in automotive displays will increase from 134 million units in 2016 to 176 million units in 2020, with a CAGR of 9% in unit shipments and 12% in area shipments during 2016-2020 Kuo noted.

어플라이드 머티어리얼즈, OLED 덕에 2분기 디스플레이 장비 매출 6배 상승

출처 = Applied Materials

출처 = Applied Materials

강현주 /

어플라이드 머티어리얼즈( Applied Materials )OLED 시장 성장에 힘입어 올해 2분기 디스플레이 장비 매출이 6배 가까이 늘어날 것으로 예상된다.  

최근 디지타임즈는 Applied Materials 관계자의 말을 인용해 이 회사가 20162분기에 받은 디스플레이 장비 주문이 미화 약 7억달러어치에 달한다고 보도했다. 이는 전년동기의 12000만달러보다 5.8배 증가한 수치다.

특히 삼성디스플레이, LG디스플레이 등 한국의 패널 업체들로부터 장비 수요가 빠르게 증가하고 있다. 또 중국 패널 업체들 역시 한국 패널 업체의 기술력과 생산력을 따라잡기 위해 적극 나서고 있는 상황이다.

Applied Materials는 스마트폰, 스마트워치 등 모바일용 OLED 패널의 전세계 출하량이 201635300만개에서 202079900만개 늘어날 것으로 보고 있다. 또 전세계 자동차용 OLED 패널 출하량은 201613400만개에서 202017600만개로 증가할 것으로 예상하고 있다.

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