OLED 8K TV, When Would It Be Possible?

The current TV market trends are curved design, large area, and high resolution. LCD and OLED, competing to lead the next generation display market, have both released curved large size premium TV of 55 inch screen or larger. In terms of resolution, UHD grade products are being released following FHD, and displays with higher resolution are being required.


Looking at Korea and Japan’s contents roadmap, UHD resolution OLED TV development is essential as Japan is aiming to test 8K contents broadcasting in 2016, and Korea in 2018. Korea began test broadcasting UHD from 2013, and is aiming for regular application in 2016 for satellite/cable channels and 2018 for broadcast channels. Considering active release of UHD TV occurred in 2014, 8K TV’s market release is estimated to be in 2019-2020. It is analyzed that approximately 3 years are left to prepare for 8K TV mass production.


At present 8K LCD TV have been revealed by key panel companies through various exhibitions, and its mass production is set for 2016-2017. However, only up to 4K OLED TV have been unveiled, falling behind LCD in terms of resolution.


The keys to 8K OLED TV actualization are pixel size reduction and aperture ratio achievement. LCD uses 1 transistor and capacitor per pixel whereas OLED requires 2 or more transistors and 1 capacitor per pixel. This leads to OLED’s difficulty in acquiring adequate aperture ratio and reducing pixel size compared to LCD. The key solutions are developments of top emission structure of OLED panel for TV, instead of bottom emission that produces light through TFT, and emitting materials that can generate sufficient light efficacy from bottom emission produced aperture ratio.


OLED demonstrated its strength as display by achieving what LCD took more than 10 years in 2-3 years. Considering this, although approximately only 3 years are left to mass produce 8K display, it is anticipated that OLED is capable of catching up to LCD’s resolution.

4K OLED TV by LG Display and Samsung Display

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