Life of OLED lighting panel, to reach LED

The life of OLED lighting panel is improving equal to the level of LED (more than 50,000 hours).

According to the NIKKEI report, Kaneka developed the OLED lighting panel with a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The panel is 8×8 cm in size and 1 mm thick, and samples are shipped to some lighting companies. Applying enhanced Blue material, the color change due to thermalization has dropped under 40% and the price is about the same.

KANEKA is producing OLED lighting panel with an annual capacity of about 20,000 panels. In the Lighting fair 2013, the company exhibited OLED lighting panels of 50x50mm and 80x80mm sizes in diverse colors of white, yellow, red, green, and blue which are currently sold at about 4,000 yen for the 50x50mm panel and 6,000 yen for the 80x80mm panel.

The OLED lighting panel with the longest lifetime on sale is LG Chem.’s 100x100mm panel with 80lm/W and 50,000 hours.

The UBI Research issued “2014 OLED lighting Report” prospecting the OLED lighting panel market to be open actively from 2015 and reach about US $ 4,700 million by 2020.


<Kaneka announced OLED lighting at Lighting fair 2013>

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